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Workshop on Guidelines for MBS Dissertation writing

Research allows students to pursue their interests, learn something new, hone their problem-solving skills, and to challenge themselves in new ways.

United College has been one of the aspiring educational institutions which always supports research activities and believes research writing/activities can lead students to be the best learner.

The teaching modality of UC gives priorities to research activities and encourages UC’s students to involve themselves in the research practicalities for the learning. To utilize it further, United College organized a workshop for guidelines for MBS Dissertation writing.
The workshop was conducted on 16th Feb 2021 which was facilitated by Prof. Dr Kapil Khanal who is the Head of the research committee, Sankhardev Campus. The workshop was directed towards MBS students.

The main purpose of conducting this session were:

  1. How did research start?
  2. Factors to be considered while choosing the topic for Dissertation writing.
  3. Effective Dissertation proposal writing process.
  4. Steps to be followed while writing the Dissertation.
  5. To make students feel comfortable and confident to write the dissertation.

    There were together 27 students involved and this session was about one and a half hours where students were encouraged to speak their heart out, a two-way interaction session was facilitated. The interaction session had been the most interesting and fruitful part of this session as most of the students had questions regarding writing effective proposals and dissertations. Students were found to be very excited and involved in every activity precisely.
    The department is very positive about the research activities and gives importance to it equally like other faculties.
    Specific members are assigned to inform and guide the students to prepare for the project works. And the department itself
    provides the project work for the students of Bachelor as per the prescribed syllabus.
    For enhancing the skills of students, such kinds of the workshop should be conducted every once in a while as they get encouragement and direction. Such activities support them to be a learner, skilful and competent.
    UC wants students to be competent in every field that’s why,
    different types of skills enhancement programs have been deployed to make them professional and competent as per the requirement of the current dynamic market which comforts students to embrace

By Avinash Shrestha, Academic Head