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Completion of Sports Week at United College

Did you know that playing sports not only keeps you physically but also helps improve your mental health and boost energy? In addition to that playing sports in a team or with friends bring you closer. For these very reasons, United College organizes Sports Week for its students comprising of various activities.

This year the Annual Sports Week at United College was conducted from 15th November to 25th November. The 10 days long Sports Event consisted of competitions that included Basketball, Futsal, Badminton, Table tennis doubles, Three-legged race, Tug of war, relay race, Indoor Cricket, Carrom, Chess, Chungi, Race- 50m, 100m and 200m, Sack race, Spoon race, and even Storytelling competition, Speech competition, Powerpoint presentation and dance competition.

The students vigorously competed with each other and made the event fun and successful.

Following are the winners of the various competition of the event:

50m Race (Girls)

  • 1st- Chandrika Maharjan
  • 2nd- Ashmita Thapa Magar
  • 3rd- Salma Maharjan

50m Race (Boys)

  • 1st- Caron Maharjan
  • 2nd- Bishal Bikram Bisural
  • 3rd-Rayan Maharjan

100m Race (Girls)

  • 1st: Salma Maharjan
  • 2nd: Ashmita Thapa Magar
  • 3rd- Bunu Maharjan

Boys Badminton Single

  • Caron Maharjan
  • Sworna Bajracharya
  • Sanchit Shrestha

Basketball (Boys)

  • 1st- Arun Magar, Sushan Thapa, Sabin Lamichhane, Bishar Bisural, Caron Maharjan, Avlok Shakya, Saurav Basnet, Yemen Bista
  • 2nd- Sampanna Shrestha, Sachhyam Shrestha, Sanchit Shrestha, Avishek Shakya, Sworna Bajracharya, Rubin Lal Shrestha, Ayush Shrestha, Nishchal K.C. Satyendra Raj
  • 3rd- Sabin Nagarkoti, Rohan Rai, Sampandan Magar, Saroj Tamang, Pravesh Shrestha, Samir Maharjan

200m Race (Girls)

  • 1st- Chandrika Maharjan
  • 2nd- Bunu Maharjan
  • 3rd- Ashmita Maharjan

Carrom (Boys)

  • 1st: Caron Maharjan
  • 2nd- Sijan Limbu
  • 3rd- Sabin Lamichhane

Carrom (Girls)

  • 1st- Refika Maharjan
  • 2nd- Salma Maharjan
  • 3rd- Alisha Awale

Chess (Boys)

  • 1st- Nischal K.C.
  • 2nd- Sushan Thapa
  • 3rd-Nitesh Kumar Ray

Chess (Girls)

  • 1st- Tsomo Yangchen
  • 2nd- Bebisha Maharjan
  • 3rd-Roshani Lama

Indoor Cricket (Boys)

  • 1st- Third-year student’s team
  • 2nd- First-year student’s team
  • 3rd- Second-year student’s team

Indoor Cricket (Girls)

  • 1st- Second-year student’s team
  • 2nd- Fourth-year student’s team
  • 3rd- Third-year student’s team

Chungi (Girls)

  • 1st- Bebisha Maharjan
  • 2nd- Nafisha Dangol
  • 3rd- Konika Tamang

Chungi (Boys)

  • 1st- Sijan Limbu
  • 2nd- Samir Maharjan
  • 3rd- Saroj Tamang

Sack Race (Boys)

  • 1st- Sabin Lamichhane
  • 2nd- Sampurna Shrestha
  • 3rd- Rijan Mali

Sack Race (Girls)

  • 1st- Ashmita Thapa Magar
  • 2nd- Suruchi Shrestha
  • 3rd- Susmita Karki

Spoon Race (Girls)

  • 1st- Amisha Bohara
  • 2nd- Afshana Rai
  • 3rd- Anjeela Budhathoki

Spoon Race (Boys)

  • 1st- Saroj Tamang
  • 2nd- Sworna Bajracharya
  • 3rd- Rijan Mali

Tug of War (Boys)

  • 1st- Third-year student’s team
  • 2nd- Second-year student’s team

Tug of War (Girls)

  • 1st- Third-year student’s team
  • 2nd- Fourth-year student’s team
  • 3rd- Second-year student’s team

Relay Race (Boys)

  • 1st- Rayan Maharjan, Caron Maharjan, Sabin Nagarkoti, Sabin Lamichhane
  • 2nd- Rojhan Rai, Sijan Limbu, Rijan Mali, Nischal K.C
  • 3rd- Satyendra Raj Upodhaya, Abishek Shakya, Sanchit Shrestha, Sworna Bajracahrya

Relay Race (Girls)

  • 1st- Sushmita Karki, Asmita Thapa Magar, Tsomo Lama, Sumena Maharjan
  • 2nd- Alisha Awale, Roshani Bajracharya, Suruchi Shrestha, Fena Maharjan
  • 3rd- Sophie Maharjan, Sameeca Maharjan, Salma Maharjan, Bunu Maharjan

Table Tennis Single (Girls)

  • 1st- Fena Maharjan
  • 2nd- Bebisha Maharjan
  • 3rd- Sushmita karki

Table Tennis Single (Boys)

  • 1st- Ritiz Joshi
  • 2nd- Kushal Ghatani
  • 3rd- Ayush Shrestha

Table Tennis Double (Girls)

  • 1st- Fena Maharjan and Pallavi Awale
  • 2nd- Sushmita Karki and Asmita Thapa Magar
  • 3rd- Tsomo Lama and Tenzin Dolkar

Table Tennis Double (Boys)

  • 1st- Ritiz Joshi and Caron Maharjan
  • 2nd- Kushal Ghatani and Nischal K.C.
  • 3rd- Rohan Rai and Sabin Nagarkoti

Three-legged Race (Girls)

  • 1st Sophie Maharjan and Sameeca Maharjan
  • 2nd Salma Maharjan and Nistha Maharjan
  • 3rd Ashmita Thapa Magar and Susmita Karki

Congratulations to all the winners!