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Sonji Pradhan, First Topper BBS – 4 th year TU Exam

“Education is a key to success in life, and teachers make a

lasting impact in the lives of their students.” Growing up I was

an average student scoring average marks. I was not a bright

student as they put it now. I always thought that studies are not

meant for me and had convinced myself that I am not good at it.

But my story changed when I joined the United College. I

started doing well in my studies. I found my element here in the

United College and realized that not believing in me was

wrong. For me, United College became a platform for a new

beginning and I took the opportunity with open arms. What I

want to say though this is, don’t make the mistakes I made

years ago to convince yourself that you cannot. The student that

I have become today is not only because of me but it is also

because of the hard work and dedication shown by the faculty

members of the United College. They have pushed me beyond

my limits and whenever I was confused and doubted myself,

they were there to guide me and show me the right path.

Administration and management are very supportive and

helpful here. They provide you not only with efficient and

respected lecturers and a sound studying environment, but we

also have competitive extracurricular activities (sports,

performing arts like music and dance, study tours, etc.) I feel

immense pride in calling myself UNITEDIAN. Believe me,

choosing United College to pursue your higher education will

definitely be your right decision in life.