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My first week at United College

On my first day at United college, I nervously waited for my friend by the gate. I saw students going rushing inside the building, they probably knew every nook and corner of the college but being a new student I just waited for my friend to arrive. I was excited yet nervous while sitting in the class. Everything was new for me, from classmates to teachers and even the syllabus!

While waiting for the teacher to arrive, a million thoughts ran through my head, but everything went away with the warm welcome of the lecturers. They were very attentive to each and every student and even taught us tips and tricks of taking better notes. Since the class size was also relatively smaller than most colleges, the teacher gave attention to each and every student equally. The lecturers use various reference books in class and even help us make notes so that we don’t have to go through them again and again. I realized that I was just worrying for nothing!

The college has a very welcoming environment so it was easy for me to get used to my college life. I love playing sports and I had thought that I would have to bid farewell to it after I start my college life, but to my surprise, this college organized sports week and various other extracurricular activities for the students. The trips and tours organized by the college definitely helped break the ice among the students and teachers. The transition to college life was not easy and somewhat overwhelming but the help that I received from the seniors and teachers helped me get through it.

Written by Sushmita Karki, BBS 2nd year, United College.