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Chitlang Educational Tour 2020 (BBM & BCA)

The Chitlang Educational Tour for BBM & BCA was organized as part of the curriculum requirement. It is a compulsory educational activity for all students and it even carries 20% weightage of Board Exam Marking of TU.

It was an educational tour organised by United College to uplift and upskill all the students. The total participants of this Tour included 42 students participated and 5 Faculty Members (4 teachers and the DI) who had accompanied them as guardians for this trip. This Tour Group set for Chitlang around 12 noon of 29th Feb, 2020. Timely entertainment of music was provided to unnerve the students as we wished for them to also have fun at the same time. Along the way, everyone was able to witness the beautiful scenery of luscious green hills. We then reached the location of the Home Stay Accommodation at around 5pm where all the arrangements were made beforehand. After a refreshment of tea, the tour group of students and teachers gathered to visit the organic area of Chitlang. The group also took photographs along the way as a form of entertainment. The students were then instructed by Mr Raju K.C. (subject teacher) to collect data by conducting surveys with the local Chitlang population. After that was completed, an arrangement for recreational activities was carried with dinner and a barbeque program. Singing and dancing were also part of the activities so that they could unwind after a tiresome day which went on until 10 pm before students were sent to bed.

Chitlang educational tour

The next morning, students were given another opportunity to collect important data that they might have missed the previous day after breakfast. They were allowed 3 hours of data collection and each group of students were monitored by the teachers who had accompanied them on the tour. The students had finished their tasks by 11:20 am and by 11:45 am, they were called for lunch. After lunch, the tour group were taken to Markhu for a small recreational program where they took part in boating along the Markhu Lake. After 2 hours, the group set off to Kathmandu after a long day of excitement and hard work by the students. They officially reached at 5 pm where all the students and teachers were dropped off at the front of United College’s gates.

In conclusion, the Chitlang Educational tour was accomplished with fun and learning for everyone involved.