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“Banking career” by Mr Gyanendra Karki

The United College is always committed to impart quality education. It does not only provide the bookish knowledge, along with it, it considers the practical knowledge as well which helps students to cope with the competitive environment. That’s why UC designs the programs of skill enhancement package program to uplift the skills and competency level of UC’s students. As per this, the interaction session has been conducted on “Banking Career” 22nd January as it has been the main attraction sectors for today’s management students. In this session, the attitudes, traits, characters and leadership qualities which should have to be a banker, have been discussed and students were found to be interested in discussion of the perception of clients. This session was oriented on how one can initiate the banking career and, what sorts of skills and knowledge are required to have the profession of banking.

This session was about one and a half hour almost 60 students have participated including 4th-year students. This session was conducted on interaction basis where students were fully encouraged to have questions regarding banking career. Mr Gyanendra Karki was invited to conduct this program who is the head of administration, Siddhartha Bank, head office, Hattisar. The students have been impressed and as per the feedback from students on this program is effective and useful. Such sort of programs supports students to enhance skills. The session was started at 7:30 am and ended at 9 am.

Avinash Shrestha, Academic Head