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Principal’s Message

United College (UC) welcomes our new students in Bachelor Programs: 4 year program in Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS). On behalf of United College, I would like to express my commitment that we are firm in our goal and the promise that we have made to students, parents and guardians, who have entrusted us with education and future of their children. 

From 2005, UC has extended its program to Masters of Business Studies (MBS), as a natural corollary to out graduate programs which are running very successfully. All these programs are affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Moreover, I would also like to inform our parents and guardians that UC is a part of United Education Foundation. UEF symbolizes quality, excellence and discipline in education sector. United Education Foundation incorporates education system from the pre-primary level to post graduate levels. 

At United Campus, we have prioritized the needs of students to make them global. It offers students latest technology in imparting education for their entry into the competitive world. English is the medium of instruction. UC follows innovative, modern student friendly method of teaching techniques. Free tutorial classes are provided to help weaker students. There are home assignments and projects. The field studies are regular features and students have to submit their report after such field trips. They are given handouts to encourage them into reading and writing habits. Participatory teaching methods are used, with tutor programs, group discussions, seminars and research program to encourage their involvement. UC has also created Management Research and Development Center (MRDC) to encourage Bachelor and Master level students in the use of technology in the academic activities, and involve them in research works 

We want to assure you once again that your children/wards are in safe hands and we respect your trust. 

Thank you. 
Prof. Pramila Rai, Ph.D.