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Disciplinary System

UC sincerely believes that quality education comes with discipline. UC does not compromise on violation of college code of conduct, dress code, academic code, examination code and code of discipline by any student. All students must abide by the above codes of the College.

The following are codes of conduct at UC for maintaining a high degree of discipline.

United College is planning to introduce different academic programmes. We are going to establish affiliations with foreign universities so that the graduates of UC can be sent directly to them with provision of partial scholarships. Memorandum of Understanding has already been signed between UC and the Kent State University, USA to this effect. The following programmes will set according to priority:

  • Attendance of students in all classes will be recorded daily during the first hour.
  • No student will be allowed to enter the college premises without proper uniform and neat hair cut.
  • Wearing jewelry, cosmetics, and nail colors are not allowed.
  • All students must enter and leave the college premises at the prescribed time.
  • The student responsible for any damage caused to the property of United College must compensate by paying the price.
  • Students should be holding identity cards while at college.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from smoking, dating, physical fighting, and consumption of alcoholic and toxic substances. In case, students in uniform or in college, are found guilty of violating this code, they will be expelled from the college without any consideration.