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Woman, thou art that light

Born a girl, nipped at the bud, discouraged, oppressed and ill-treated

stripped off my self-confidence and self-reliance as I grow

Even slayed in mother’s womb or as soon as I saw the world

They said I am a Goddess’s reincarnation and the ornament of the house in the courtyard

In reality, I am treated as a commodity and put my body in the market for sale

I am made to believe, to not have any physical and psychological needs

But be ready to fulfill the needs and desires of others

Somebody wrote volumes on me and they described me as a second sex

How cruel oh humanity! I am not even equal in terms with the son that I bore in my womb

Somebody said behind every successful man there is a woman

Oh, humanity! I have no right to look for my own success

Vulnerability forced me to sacrifice my childhood to child labor and be trafficked

Wired with norms, I am a victim of child marriage and sexual abuse

Oh, humanity! You made me exist to fulfill their lust

As a bride, I am demanded dowry to keep my status as the daughter-in-law

As a married woman, I am to be at service of all in the family

Everything is there but nothing is mine, not even the child that I carried in my womb

Yes! From womb to the tomb I have this story to tell

I desire to build a new story, the new song that I want to sing

Among my friends, some think to be a girl with a curse while others think it’s awesome

I have embraced myself and enkindled the power within me

I know I am a light of hope, I will illumine my life and the world

Make the little girl in me bloom into beautiful intelligent and wise

I know I will break all tradition, culture, and norms to be what I should be

I have hope, I have strength, I have the motivation and I have the power within

I will transform this society into a new, I will lay a new firm foundation

The same bricks that are thrown at me,

I will transform them into the bricks of hope, knowledge, and confidence

I will be an inspiration to every newborn girl a power to beacon with

A girl with her dream today becomes a woman of vision tomorrow


Written by Sambhavi Choudhary, 11 ‘C’