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Visit to Soaltee Crown Plaza

Early morning along with the orange sun rays and chirping birds my friends and I gathered in the Academy’s premises. We had been looking forward to this day eagerly as we were going on a field trip to Soaltee Crown Plaza.

After a brief orientation, we reached our destination at around 10:30 am. We were all very excited and nervous at the same time. The magnificent hotel stood before us and we couldn’t help but admire and praise its beauty. But we hurried inside as the main objective of our visit was to seek information about the hotel and its operations.

We welcomed by the hotel staff at the entrance and ushered inside the Mahonar Hall for the program. The presentation given by the hotel was very informative. We learned about the hotel, its rooms, cuisines, amenities, facilities, etc. After the presentation, we visited all the different departments of the hotel from housekeeping to the front office. The staffs were very interactive and patiently answered our queries which made it even for fun. However, we started getting hungry. The hotel had prepared a buffet lunch for us followed by dessert and it was delicious! Maybe the ambiance of the hotel also had to do something with it.

After lunch, we took a lot of pictures for memories and chatted with our friends while waiting for our bus to arrive.

As Hotel management students it was definitely a golden opportunity to visit one of the best hotels in Nepal. It was a very eventful day–we enjoyed and learned a lot at the same time.

Written by Swornim Ale Magar, Nirupa Rai and Rolishna Rai of grade 11 “M”.