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Victim – A Poem by Katrina Thapa

She has never questioned

Why? her father didn’t like her short dress

She has never doubted

When her brother asked to never show up

Before his friends

She has never talked back

When her mother never allowed

To go out with her friends

She has always been polite

Sweet and ignorant

Just how they wanted her to be

“Be smart but know your limits”

“Be bright but know your place”

She always tried to become this

“Perfect Daughter”

Yet she’s now become another victim

A mere victim

The one we read in everyday newspaper

With a cup of tea sighing to ourselves

“What a dangerous society……poor child”

And that’s all we do

A poor child?

Yes she was just a child.

She might have become a doctor saving lives

Or a painter drawing sunsets and lilies

But instead a pack of wolves who lost humanity

Driven by momentary desire and superior ego

Tearing down her clothes,her honor, her dreams

Hunted her down that back alley

“And they say hang those wretched criminals!”

Where was your rage when she begged for mercy?

Where was your anger when her cries were unheard

When she was still that little girl,

Why wouldn’t you see her fears?

Isn’t it ironic?

You just pray the victim

Must never be your daughter.


Katrina Thapa

12 A, Science