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Tips to stay safe on Social Media & Internet

With so many of us using social medias today and spend most of the time over the Internet, sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn makes it perfect place for scammers to target. We usually are unaware about the Cyberattack and scams. We take things very lightly but we might be exposing ourselves to these scams in a way that we are unaware about.

Here are our tips to stay safe on social medias:

  1. Use a strong password protection.  The stronger it is, the more secure it will be. Make sure to enable two way authentication to ensure our account is protected.
  2. Use a different password for your social media accounts.
  3. If you have social media applications on your phone, ensure to password protect your device and put a password on your computer or laptops if you have logged in social media accounts.
  4. Be selective with friend requests. If you don’t know the person, don’t accept their request. This could prevent any cyber bulling.
  5. Click the shared links by different people and pages with caution. Social media accounts are regularly hacked through the malicious links. Look out for language or content that does not sound familiar to you or something that someone would share or post.
  6. Be careful about what you share with others or posts. Don’t reveal sensitive personal information like home address, financial information, contact number etc.  The more you post, the easier it gets for your identity to be stolen.
  7. Become familiar and understand the privacy policies of different websites and social media channels you use and ensure to customize your privacy settings to control the privacy and what others see.
  8. Protect your computer by installing antivirus software for any malicious attack. There are attack these days which even steals your saved information or locks your files and documents. Also ensure that your browser, operating system, and software are kept up to date.

Beyond these steps, there are countless ways someone could sneak in or hack your account. You just need to ensure and know what you are using over the internet and what you are sharing.

Post Published by: Prajwal Karki