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Six months of togetherness with Doko

We started our green journey with Doko recyclers, a social venture committed to solving Nepal’s waste management problem, back in June. As an education institution with hundreds of students, we produce a lot of waste. The KMC truck used to come thrice a week to collect the wastages at United. They used to load the waste and walk away, making our premises waste-free. However, it didn’t sit well with us. We knew the current situation of waste management in Kathmandu, and we couldn’t sit idle without doing anything. That’s when we found out about Doko Recyclers and immediately contacted them. Now we have trained our staff and briefed our students about waste segregation and have replaced regular dustbins with doko bins.


When this postcard from Doko recyclers arrived in our inbox, that’s when we realised the impact of our small step.

Let’s continue to make a difference!