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Ms. Karmacharya has completed her Bachelor of Arts Triple Majors in Psychology, Sociology and English Literature from Christ University, Bengaluru, India. She is the co-author of the published research paper “The Genealogy of School Uniforms: the multiple contexts and influences”.  

Karmacharya is a firm believer of the power of communication, whether it is between individuals or groups, she believes that the act of communication plays an integral role in sustaining a healthy approach towards people, relationships, and events of life.

However, she is well aware of the fact that talking to a new person is always a tough challenge. As a student counselor, she plans on establishing herself as a reliable and trustworthy person, available and prepared at all times to sit and interact with the students. The mode of her interaction can take place in any manner, tailored according to each student’s comfort and convenience. Thus, her job as a student counselor at United Academy is to be more of a friend, to be someone to talk to and someone to rely on for the students, in order to help them develop positive thoughts and attitudes toward self and others.

As easy as it may sound, the task of any counselor is indeed difficult as it requires a great amount of patience, perseverance, and qualitative skills. Since she will be directly communicating with students belonging to the age cohort of 16-18; the dynamics of the possible challenges may be completely different. However, because she, like the students have gone through the adolescent stage and given that she can more or less understand and relate to their problems and issues with life, she can address those different experiences and issues in a holistic manner in order to identify the cause of the problem and mapping out the possible solutions. For this, she plans on collaborating with the students so that they can be aware of their own thoughts and behavior.

“The bidirectional process of communication, allows one to not just vocalize their explicit and implicit thoughts and feelings, but also grants them with a feeling of relief and a sense of being free, after an individual realizes that he/she has been heard. Keeping this fundamental as a key constant of approaching the students, I aim to establish a friendly environment for the students wherein they can approach me without any hesitation or doubt. This small gesture in itself, acts as a major reinforcement driving individuals to be confident, value self- worth, developing a sense of belongingness and developing a positive approach towards self and others. Also as a counselor, it’s my first and foremost focus and duty to keep the details about the sessions with the students confidential in order to establish myself as a trustworthy individual to share their thoughts with. Along the way, I shall simultaneously direct my focus in helping students face and cope with daily challenges, developing self- esteem, and becoming confident in their thoughts and actions.”