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United Academy conducts basketball, chess and table tennis competition annually. The aim of the sports program is to encourage students to engage in physical activities, build self-discipline and cultivate the habit of working in teams. The Academy has a basketball court and table tennis board and accessories for various games that is accessible by students and boarders in the allocated times.

Educational Visits

Educational Visits: learning outside the classroom, is a great way to provide first-hand knowledge and experience to students about various topics. It allows students to interact with the subject in a practical way. In addition, students also get to enjoy and make memories with their fellow classmates. United Academy organizes 1-day field trip for grade 11 (Humanities) students, 6 days and 5 nights tour for grade 12 (Humanities) students,
3 days and 2 night HM tour  for grade 12 (Hotel Management) students and
1-day hotel visit for grade 11 (Hotel Management) students once a year.


With the aim of letting students explore their potential, broaden their mind, cultivate a lifelong habit and socialize among themselves the college supports number of student clubs. These clubs are an essential part of the school’s improvement program. Following is the list of current active clubs at United Academy:      

  • Co-ordination club
  • Cultural club
  • Eco club
  • Literature club
  • Social club
  • Sports club 
  • United Academy Robotics club: UARC was established in 2074 BS by the students who had a keen interest in robotics. Since many students were interested in the club, the Academy provided the necessary support to establish the club and carry out its activities. The club has been actively organizing workshops and training to prepare students for inter-college and international competitions. 
  • Book reading club: Book reading club was established to encourage our students to develop reading habits, while at the same time, encourage them to use their literary understandings and creativity to enhance their analysis and critical thinking abilities. The activities of the club primarily involve introducing books to all of our 15 members, of which they are expected to read within a time frame of two weeks. The major part of the club activities involves independent reading and sharing analysis, the benefits that we expect to provide to our students lie much beyond the activity of just reading.

For more information about the Extra-curricular activities at United Academy please contact ECA Coordinator Anup Shakya at anup@united.edu.np