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Life as a boarder

Currently, United Academy has 5 hostel blocks for girls and 6 hostel blocks for boys, all located inside the school premises. Each block is well equipped for comfortable living and is supervised by wardens 24/7. A residential school nurse is also available to students. After a morning assembly at 5:45 AM, the students are taken to the cafeteria for breakfast. We encourage the students to clean up their living space themselves to develop a sense of responsibility for their surroundings. 7:00 AM to 10 AM and 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM is allocated as study time for the students where they are assisted and taught by tutors.

The students are accompanied by wardens during breakfast, lunch (10 AM) and dinner (6:00 PM). The hostellers formal class runs from 10:55 AM to 5:00 PM.


During the weekend the students engage in self-discussions, movies, games and sports activities in their respective hostels. Also, the students get special snacks on the menu for  the weekends.

Regarding your hostel enquiries, please contact our wardens at uaghostel@united.edu.np or 9851248738 for girls’ hostel and uabhostel@united.edu.np or on 9851248629 for boys’ hostel.