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Admissions procedures 2077

Students are requested to go through the Admissions Procedures in detail before filling the Admission Form.

Students who have passed SEE or equivalent exam (ICSE, CBSE), are eligible to admit at United Academy.

Science Minimum GPA: 3.2 above (With Optional Mathematics)

Minimum Grade Points: C+ in all subjects

Management Minimum GPA: 2.4

Minimum Grade Points: C in all subjects

Humanities Minimum GPA: 2.4

Minimum Grade Points: C in all subjects

Law Minimum GPA: 2.4

Minimum Grade Points: C in all subjects


Submission of Admission Form:

  • Students should complete and submit an online Admission form;
  • There is no requirement to take an online exam. Acceptance will be granted if the requirements have been met in your documents;
  •  The college will contact the successful applicants in 3-4 working days.
  • Admission deadlines will be provided to students along with the acceptance email.

There are three options for the payment of Admission fee:

  • Bank Deposit:  The  amount can be paid by depositing to the college’s Banijya bank, Nepal bank, Siddhartha bank and NMB bank account, please see the college banks details below:

A. NMB Bank Ltd (Kumaripati Branch)- 0160010069300011

B. Nepal Bank Ltd (Jawalakhel Branch)- 19100100182007000001

C. Rashtriya Banijya Bank Ltd(Lagankhel Branch)- 112000163401

D.Siddhartha Bank Ltd(Kumaripati Branch)- 01815360005

  • Online Payment: The amount can also be paid online through E-Sewa. Please go to your E-Sewa account and search United Academy college and fill the necessary information and proceed with it.
  • Visit college: An individual student or parent can walk to the college office at Kumaripati for admission.

*Please call the billing department on 9851248627 or email to uabill@united.edu.np for the detailed information related to the admission fee. The fee is exclusive of the monthly fee.  Parents willing to pay monthly fee full upfront  along with admission fee are entitled to a 10% discount on the total amount. 

There is no provision of an interview before admission. However, just before the commencement of class, there will be a 1:1 interview through Zoom with individual students along with their parents.

For any further information about admissions procedures, please contact by email admissions.ua@united.edu.np