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How far have you managed to keep yourself updated on the coronavirus outbreak? Do you remind yourself to spare some time to surf the internet to read about the latest news posts on the viral spread? If not, then let us help you break down the latest news flash from around the globe on the current stats on the deadly virus.

  • Global statistics reports that the virus has affected approximately 80,000 people worldwide. 
  • The death toll caused by the novel coronavirus has spiked to more than 2,700 globally with the majority of death cases reported in mainland China.
  • The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea has jumped from 84 to 977, with 10 deaths. The United States has raised travel alert level to South Korea and Hong Kong has banned travellers from South Korea who are not residents from Hong Kong.
  • The number of declared confirmed cases in Kuwait has risen to eight, all tracked to travel from Iran. 
  • The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has declared to resume flights outside of Hubei gradually after being halted due to the virus outbreak. However, flights and businesses within Hubei province are still to remain suspended. 
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