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My Father The Real King- A Poem by Bandita Jaisawar

 I was princess for the one,
 Who wasn’t actually king of any region
 He was just a common person
I hadn’t spend a lot of time with him so far
So hatred towards him arise in my heart and start doing now
But when I got a time to spend
I realize he wasn’t bad
It was just a work which he do to fulfill our needs and demands
Yeah he wasn’t actually a king
But he made me Princess in his small dram
He loves me like God’s loves towards his child
And gave me all Freedom and care to make me delight
He used to become angry easily
But angry with me was case of rarely
He used to cry
When he saw tear in my eyes
And became full of delight
By seeing our family happy and alright
He always treated as princess
And always desired to see my happiness
He was one of the kind hearted
But at the mean time he had been hurted
He taught me how to take stand in front of other
But he never want his family to bother
I hadn’t spend more time with him
But the six months which I spend with him was great
I’ve heard
Kind people is fastly taken away by God
Why did you do with me Lord
Why you gave my father farewell too fast from this earth
Oh lord ! You literally don’t have heart
By living away from his family
My father did hard work and struggle
But at his last breathe
He couldn’t see his wife and child
I know you took him away because of his goodness
But your that decision results in my life as sadness
After him I have to become backbone of my family
So, I’m trying to live calmly
Noone can understand how am I feeling
Neither they know the problems how I’m dealing with
Oh my lord , don’t show any child ,death of parents
Please give me this as my grants
I say to other that I am strong
But it is literally wrong
I’m really in complication
So I also want some relaxation
You’ll be always in our heard
Before we depart from this earth
May you rest in peace in heaven with our God father
I miss you dad very badly
Again I want to hug you tightly
Love you so much dad
Name: Bandita Jaisawar
Class :12 B (bio)