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Head of Departments

Nepali- Devika Rai

Devika Rai has completed her B.A. and M.A. from TU in Humanities and Social science. She is also trained in project management. She is married with 2 children.


English- Hemraj Gyawali

Hemraj Gyawali has completed his B.A. in English and sociology from TU, B.ED English from TU, Masters in Public Administration from TU and Masters in English literature from TU and M. Phil. from Pokhara University. Previously he worked as HP consultant at British council Kathmandu. He joined United academy since 2006.

Mathematics- Rajan Shrestha


Mr Shrestha has completed his BSc. in Mathematics from Tri Chandra Campus and MSc. in Mathematics from Tribhuwan University. He has been associated with United Academy since 2013. He has an outstanding resume as a BSc. topper of Mathematics faculty from Tri Chandra Campus and MSc. entrance topper of Central Department of Mathematics. He was also rewarded by Parmanand Jha, the Vice president of Nepal for his contribution and dedication to the CJMC College.

Physics- Amar Nath Sharma

Mr Ghimire has completed his Masters in Physics from Tribhuvan University. He has worked as a lecturer in various reputed colleges.

Biology- Indra Maiya Manandhar

Mrs Indra Maiya has completed her Postgraduate diploma from the Agricultural University of Norway with a thesis titled “High altitude forest in western Nepal: species composition and regeneration along a disturbance gradient” Similarly she has completed her M.sc. with merit from TU (1984). She also has participated in the first national botanical congress 11/12/1992, held in Kathmandu.

Chemistry- Sharmila Bajracharya

Mrs Bajracharya has completed both B.sc. and M.Sc. from TU. She has been teaching at United since 2055 B.S.

Computer- Ravi Lama

Mr.Lama completed his B.Com from the University of North Bengal, India. He is also a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. He began his teaching career in 1995 AD and has taught in reputed private schools and colleges of Kathmandu.

Accountancy- Deepak K.C.


Mr.K.C. has completed his B.com from Shankar dev campus and MBA from TU. Before joining United he has worked as accounts teacher in Bachelors programs as well as higher secondary schools.

Economics- Ajay Chandra Jha


Ajay Chandra Jha is a B.A. in Mathematics graduate and MA in Economics graduate from TU. Before joining United Academy in 2060 B.S. he used to work as a lecturer in a reputed college.

Business Studies- Samjhana Sapkota

Mrs Sapkota has a Bachelors degree in commerce from TU and MBA from TU as well. She has worked as a lecturer in many colleges before joining United in 2060 B.S. She also has published a manual of Financial management for MBA curriculum by Asmita book centre. She is married and has two kids.

Hotel Management- Rajesh K.C.

Mr Rajesh studied at Trichandra college, Kathmandu where he got his BBA degree. Then he completed the HM diploma from Galaxy school of Hotel Management and his Masters in HM from Purbanchal University. He worked as F &B manager at Hotel Mandap, Thamel and has been with United academy since 2008 A.D.

Business Math- Anu Bajracharya

Mrs Anu has completed Bsc statistics and Mathematics and
MSc in Statistics with distinction. She also has completed the SPSS program from TU. Previously she worked at Padma Kanya campus as a lecturer. She has been a Mathematics lecturer at United Academy since 2059 B.S.

Major English- Pankaj Kumar Jha


Pankaj Kumar Jha has more than 2 decades of teaching experience and has been teaching to both high school and Bachelors level students. He completed his MA in English from TU, Masters in English from Indira Gandhi Open University and MA in Political Science from TU. In addition, Mr Jha is also an experienced IELTS and TOEFL preparatory class instructor.

Mass Communication- Ranjan Jha

Mr Jha did his BA from Lalit Narayan Mithila University, India and Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism New Delhi YMCA. He has worked as a correspondent in New Delhi, Reporter, PR officer, Senior Sub-Editor in Channel Nepal and Editor in charge in Avenues television.

Contemporary Society- Raju Malla

Mr Malla has completed both his BSc. and MA in Population from TU. He was a primary data collector for dissertation on “Knowledge and prevalence of modern family planning methods of Tibetan refugees in Tanahun district.” and field researcher for evaluation of TB/leprosy program of the Britain Nepal Medical Trust, Biratnagar, Nepal. He was the Director of Loyola Higher Secondary School and Asst. lecturer of Population department at Padma Kanya Campus.

Sociology- Raju K.C.


Population- Sameer Khadka

Sameer Khadka completed his BA specializing in Population studies and Political science from TU and MA in Population Studies from TU. He has taught in various reputed colleges including Padma Kanya Multiple Campus and has experience of working as a Research Assistant for various projects with NGOs and INGOs.