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Come, Let’s grow together!

United Academy, as the powerhouse of excellence in education is proud to state that, we are the team of ace facilitators and leaders. Students lead by the example, thus, we ensure that they are surrounded by the excellent mentors with the state of the art facilities. If you have vision, passion and the drive to bring the best in you, we welcome your enthusiasm. United Academy, established in 1997, has adopted a creative curriculum to ensure the overall development of students in their formative years. It employs up-to-date teaching methods, trained educators and modern tools to educate children as per the demand of the society through various student-centered activities.

Create your profile and submit your resume with your department of interest such that we can keep you in the Talent Pool


For the open vacancies, please stay put! United Education Foundation employs over 400 staff in both academic and support staff position.

“Currently there are vacancies in Non-Academic Staff.”

Academic Staff

For any speculative application or future openings please send your CV and cover letter to uacareer@united.edu.np with subject “speculative application”