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Code of Conduct

UA sincerely believes that quality education comes with discipline. It will not tolerate any compromise on violation of the college’s code of conduct, dress, academics, examination, and discipline by any student. They must strictly abide by the following codes:

  • Attendance of students in all classes will be recorded daily in the first hour.
  • No student will be allowed to enter college premises without a proper uniform and neat haircut.
  • Wearing jewellery, cosmetics, nail colours are not allowed.
  • All students must enter and leave the Academy premises at the prescribed time.
  • Students should have their identity cards while at college.
  • Students are prohibited from bringing materials like periodicals, photographs, mobile phones, and other such gadgets. Motorbikes and cell phones are strictly forbidden when in the college uniform. If found, then they are seized and returned only after the end of the academic session.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from smoking, engaging in romantic relationships, physical fighting, and consumption of alcoholic and toxic substances. In case, students in uniform or in college are found guilty of violating this code, they are expelled from the college without any consideration.
  • Students found responsible for any damage caused to the property of UA are fined.