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A well spent day at Bungmati

Bungmati Trip

On 26th Chaitra, my classmates and I arrived at the Academy at 7:00 am. Along with 4 teachers and 1 Discipline Incharge, we boarded the college bus for Bungmati – a small Newari Village in Lalitpur.

All of us were very excited about visiting Bungmati as it was the first time for many of us. On our way, we stopped at the windy hill for our breakfast. Then the teachers divided us into small groups to explore the locality and collect information about the people. We collected information regarding their head of the family, number of members, caste, language, food, religion, etc. Most of them couldn’t speak Nepali as the majority were Newari people so it was a totally new experience for us and we learned a lot about the community as well. We got the opportunity to observe their daily lives, Newari architecture and handicrafts.

Afterward, we headed to Karyabinayak Mandir and explored the temple. It was already past lunchtime so we went back to Windy Hill for our lunch. After lunch, we busied ourselves by taking pictures. On our way back we visited Tribhuvan University, the oldest university in Nepal.

This field trip was a part of our curriculum of Population studies. We got a chance to apply our theoretical knowledge into practice and made unforgettable memories with our classmates too. We are thankful to our teachers and college for organizing such field trips.

-Rhema Limbu, Grade 11, Humanities.