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A Beautiful Mind – Movie Review

How would you feel and react if you are told that someone you have known all your life is nothing but a fragment of your own imagination and not real? How would you react to the news that your sense of reality is distorted and false? Based on the true story of American mathematician John Nash, ‘A Beautiful Mind’ directed by Ron Howard is a brilliant movie capturing Nash’s astounding intellect and success in his early career while at the same time also giving remarkable screen time to his experiences as a Schizophrenic.

For an 18-year-old, this movie was indeed very hard to understand due to the swift dramatic changes in scenes and the addition of new characters. The initial part of the movie revolves mostly around Nash’s life as a student, professor, lover, and a good friend. However, things start to wind up as new characters enter Nash’s life and take up prominence in his daily life. These new characters of William Parcher, Charles and Marcee become so significant to Nash that at every point he tries to validate their existence even though he is confronted by his wife Alicia that they are nowhere in sight. As the story unfolds, the viewers come to understand that the events happening in Nash’s life and the new people that he is involving himself with are what we call in medical terms as ‘hallucination’.

At every point, Nash is in utmost denial that what is happening with him cannot be real. However, what triggers him to realize that what his wife has been saying is the truth is when he closely realizes that this little Marcee whom he has known for three years already is not aging. This self- confrontation leads him to accept that like Marcee, Parcher, and Charles and the events involving them are all figures of his hallucinations.

Overall, it was very confusing for me and the majority of my friends found it hard to understand what was happening in the movie, but slowly the puzzles fell into place and everything made sense. I personally liked the dialogue “I try to say I am a lone wolf but in reality, I don’t like people and they don’t like me.”

To all my friends who have yet to watch this movie, this movie is not like having a slice of tiramisu at the United Coffee Club. It will leave you scratching your head, make you feel puzzled, but if you will definitely enjoy the movie. The way every scene and character has been projected is a masterpiece. Also, one piece of advice, google information about  Schizophrenia before you decide to sit for this movie for better understanding.

Reviewed by Nur Thapa of Class 12 ‘P’, Management Faculty.