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About United Academy

Situated at Kumaripati, Lalitpur, and established in 1997, United Academy affiliated with National Education Board (NEB), Nepal is a secondary school for Science, Management and Humanities. Over a period of twenty-one years, it has developed into a most sought-after school for higher secondary education in Ka ...

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Sumeru Sambahanghe

“These past two years have simply been mesmerising. I still remember the first day of college and here I am now, already bidding goodbye to that important chapter of my life. Being a Unitedian, I have been constantly been guided… Read more “Sumeru Sambahanghe”


Laxmi Gurung

“Dedication, motivation and inspiration lead you towards success. Get out of your zone and push yourself into the challenges. Never let the difficulties fall you down, Being a student of United Academy is always pride. More exams in United make more… Read more “Laxmi Gurung”

Satyarth Upadhya

“Two years of proper guidance has really been fruitful. I appreciate the encouragement and support that United  Academy provided me during all the phase of the high school years and am especially grateful to all the teachers for their invaluable guidance.… Read more “Satyarth Upadhya”


Samir Khatri

United Academy is the foundation that has provided me with a great platform for my studies built my confidence and taught me to interact with teachers and withstand invigorating circumstances of living in a hostel. Two years in UA has… Read more “Samir Khatri”


Sujana Rai

“One’s destiny unfolds according to the choices one makes” By choosing United Academy for my 10+2 studies, I believe this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Two years full of ability tests, class tests, mock tests,… Read more “Sujana Rai”


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