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Highschool 101

It’s totally normal to be anxious and nervous, after all, it’s your first year as a high schooler. New subjects, new friends, new teachers, and a new environment is more than enough to make you jittery. Many of you must have settled in your new environment, highschool, mingling with new friends and teachers. If you haven’t this guide is for you. Breathe easy, you’ve got this!


Make friends. Its easier said than done, but making friends will make your high school days easier, fun and memorable. Remember everyone is new, not everyone comes to highschool tagging with their BFFs.

Tip: If possible try to be friends with your seniors, they are more experienced than you. And do not skip the orientation session.

Join clubs

Join a club of your interest. If you have a difficult time making friends, this is the best opportunity to make friends. Talk to people who you share similar interests with, who knows maybe you’ll find your highschool buddy?

United Academy has various clubs that you can join.

Ask questions in class

Since the subjects are new and advanced, it’s a given that you’ll be confused. So ask questions to teachers, they will be more than happy to clear out your confusion. Remember, the teachers don’t know you well, so if you ask questions, they won’t know that you haven’t understood a topic.

Talk to the counsellors

If you have a hard time adjusting to the high school, go talk to the academic counsellors or psychological counsellors. The counsellors at United Academy are extra attentive to the new students, do visit them.

Lastly, take things slow. Take your time in adjusting to your new environment and syllabus.