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Dengue prevention at United

The outbreak of dengue in Kathmandu and various parts of Nepal has infected a lot of people. People are becoming more and more anxious about the disease, including our students. So attempts to raise awareness about the disease has been ongoing in United School, United Academy, Aster Academy, and United College. Dengue related materials–information about its symptom, causes and ways of prevention–have been pinned in the notice boards. In addition the teachers have been discussing about the disease with the students in the class and notice has been sent o each student’s parents about the prevention of dengue. Last week a awareness program about dengue was also organised in United School in collaboration with Mahalaxmi Municipality. 

The water tanks and containers in school premises have been covered to ensure that mosquitoes cannot get into them and the parents and students have been suggested o do the same in their home as well. The garbage in the school is being disposed in sealed plastic bags and covered bins, this is one of the important step for dengue prevention. 

Furthermore students, teachers and staff at United Education Foundation are advised to use mosquito repellent creams or sprays and wear long sleeved clothes. The management has also decided to spray insecticide in the dark corners the school areas which will be done soon.

The author Ms Shila Thapa is the Health supervisor at United Education Foundation.